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Friday TechMunch: Is Cloud Computing Leaving you Feeling a Bit Foggy?

Over the past few years, the tech world has been bubbling over with excitement around all things ‘cloud’. Private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds have been hot topics for consumers and businesses alike.

In the future, cloud evangelists expect 100% of computer storage to be cloud-based. Cloud computing offers a flexible, often cheaper alternative to in-house data storage, with secure back-up. In addition, the cloud has been a fantastic enabler in connecting devices through wireless networks and joining them to the ‘Internet of Things’.

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Friday TechMunch: The Right to Be Forgotten?

Contributed by Maeve Harte

Last week the European Courts of Justice backed the “right to be forgotten”. Google must now delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” data from its search results at the request of a member of the public.

This landmark case against Google was brought to ruling by a Spanish man, Mario Costeja Gonzalez, who demanded an article related to the repossession of his home 16 years earlier be deleted from the search engine.

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Friday TechMunch: Droning on About 3D printing

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…actually, it’s another drone

Drones… they seem to be everywhere lately. Over the last year we’ve seen an insurgence of drone announcements, including the Amazon delivery drones (swiftly followed by the ingenious O.W.L.S campaign issued by Waterstones), and this week two new drone announcements, coincidently both related to repairs. The first announcement comes via EasyJet, which has announced plans to introduce unmanned drones to inspect its fleet of aircraft. The drones will then report back to a team of engineers on any damage or items requiring further inspection from the team. Is this just a PR stunt to demonstrate EasyJet’s investment in R&D and to position it as an innovative technology leader? The company insists not and says that by introducing this drone technology, as early as next year, the team of engineers will be able to reach all nooks and crannies while also reducing the amount of time needed to perform checks, due to the drone’s high levels of efficiency and accuracy.

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We find out Now / Next / Why from Contagious

This week, some of us attended the annual Now / Next / Why briefing from marketing, consumer culture and technology trend analysts Contagious.

It followed on from December’s Most Contagious, which brought together experts from Contagious and leading marketers to explore the major trends affecting our industry now and in the future; now, next and why.

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Teaching Mandarin in British Schools Will Improve Britain’s Global Standing

Whilst Britain agonises over 200km of new high speed rail track to be placed through the country, over in China it is building an estimated twenty four new cities each year., and with expanding military budgets, a Pentagon report estimates that China will have a modern military capable of sustained high-intensity combat as early as the end of this decade. In addition, the Chinese Government is pushing hard in an attempt to make the Renminbi the global reserve currency.

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‘Where Art Thou DCMS?’

The appointment of Sajid Javid as the new Culture Secretary this week could boost the prospects for a Department around which constant rumours of abolition persist. With the civil service headcount under 50% of what it was at its peak as a result of severe budget cuts, DCMS last year moved out of its flagship offices on Trafalgar Square, to rather more ignominious rooms in the rafters of the Treasury, alongside HMRC. The appointment of Sajid Javid as Culture Secretary could suggest a renaissance for the Department, with the prospect of DCMS functions being rolled into BIS and the Cabinet Office receding for good.

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Digital Now Report- 31 March

Contributed by Fraser Carlisle

The Now Report is a snapshot of our favourite stuff from the world of digital, emerging tech, and health/consumer trends. With content sourced and written by FleishmanHillard staff, it provides an editorial filter to inspire discussion among your teams, and encourage ideas and innovation.

Want to view this newsletter in PDF format? Click here

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Friday TechMunch: Game On, Amazon

As we mentioned last week, Amazon has been busy recently.

One of the most interesting rumours and acquisitions surrounding ‘The Everything Store’ is the leak of a potential new gaming console controller and the purchase of Californian games studio, Double Helix.

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Friday TechMunch: Prime Time for Amazon

Amazon has been busy recently.

Since December there has been the drone delivery plan; the Double Helix acquisition; the leak of a potential new gaming console/set-top box (or maybe it’s a Chromecast-like dongle for video and game streaming?); rumours of an on-demand music-streaming service for Prime customers; more rumours of an Amazon smartphone; a stated revamp of the US delivery network; rebrand of LoveFilm; and finally, a hotly contested Amazon Prime price hike.

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Tough Decisions Are Needed to Break London’s Transport Monopoly

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Let’s just imagine for a second that Birmingham Airport has been chosen as the UK’s new hub airport. Businesses in and around the second city would expand, new enterprises, hotels and luxury businesses would pop up: in summary, the sort of growth and investment north of Watford the UK badly needs.

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